Many years ago I was inspired by a gifted photographer named Nancy Rotenberg. She not only created the most wonderful images, but she thrived on mentoring others to do so. I called Nancy a "photo-evangelist" because of her undying spirit and enthusiasm for photography and her gift of sharing her love and knowledge. Sadly, Nancy passed away much too young and is truly missed by all who knew her. I do believe Lisa Cuchara is the only person I have met since who I would also call a "photo-evangelist." Her love of photography and the art of creativity (in camera and post-processing) is infectious. Not since Nancy have I met an individual who truly exudes inspiration and thrives on sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with others. Thank you, Lisa (and Tom too!).
~Linda Tommasulo‎, Schenectady Photographic Society

"Lisa and Tom’s passion and exceptional creativity are matched only by their love of people and ability to pass on their extensive knowledge.”
~Alison Ehrlich Wachstein, M.Photog.Cr., CPP

"I really enjoyed your zoom presentation yesterday. Your energy and creativity are inspiring. You remind me of the artist who sparked my passion for photography, the late Nancy Rotenberg, which is a very high compliment."

"In this beautiful book, Lisa and Tom Cuchara share creative techniques for turning often-overlooked grungy subjects into masterful works of art.  Learn to see in new ways with fresh eyes and go beyond a literal, documentary approach with your photography.  Whether you’re a serious amateur or novice, this book will help ignite your passion for photography, in general, and challenge you to interpret what your eyes and heart see using your camera.  Using a concise, easy-to-follow approach, Tom and Lisa outline specific methods for crafting images beyond your wildest imagination.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to take their creativity to new heights."
~Charles Needle, Author, Tiny Worlds (Amherst Media) and leading photographic educator

"Lisa and Tom have a superb knack for finding incredibly fascinating places to photograph.   They are encouraging, patient and terribly creative people whose energy and passion make you never want to put your camera down."
~Jennifer Dooley, Workshop Participant, Avid Photographer for 20 years

“Tom and Lisa are both creative and talented photographers who look to push the edge in their photography. As excellent, patient and devoted teachers, they use their beautiful images to help inspire others to open up their own path to making more visually interesting compositions and designs. They excel at finding beautiful color palettes and utilizing good post processing techniques. The textures and details of their rusty explorations are a visual delight for photographers and non-photographers alike. This book is both informative and inspirational, a valuable addition to your photo library.”
~Bobbi Lane, Bobbi Lane Photography, APA, EP, ASMP, WIPI

Lisa and Tom Cuchara, through their keen vision, show us a world that has been forgotten; and they do it in a detailed, colorful and beautiful way.
~Harold Ross

Tom and Lisa have found a way to take run down decaying subjects and turn them into an amazing art form.
~Mike Moats - Pro Macro Photographer

"Lisa and Tom celebrate the graceful degradation of things; both common and uncommon, and all beautifully captured."
~Thom Rouse, M. Photog. MEI, CR, CPP, F-ASP

“Tom and Lisa are true artists that see the beauty in these places and things left behind. They are so generous and share their passion, knowledge and knack for seeing this beauty with you on their workshops. They truly have made me a better photographer and I can't wait for our next adventure together. Who knows what is waiting for us in the next rusty and dusty location? You should definitely come along....”
~Raquel Gonzalez, Photographer, Workshop Attendee, AVP Financial Center Manager at Bank of America

 “Tom and Lisa's photographic fine art is incredibly unique and each piece has its own wow factor. Even to a trained photographer's eye, many of their pieces do not even look like photographs; they appear to be surreal and even fantasy-like. Their art will draw you in and encourage you to draw your own conclusion or story. They have created their very own style using state of the art techniques and are always willing to share their secrets with other photographers. If you get the chance to take one of their classes, I highly recommend it. They are wonderful teachers and mentors”
~Patty Swanson CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)

Lisa and Tom are an amazing photographic team, always enthusiastic and inspiring in their teaching and presentations. Their quest for a combination of perfect light, detail, and creativity consistently encourages the student  to stretch in new directions, finding his or her own unique expression. Their images reflect their own spiritual journey, always seeking the perfect balance of light, color, and artistry.
~Barbara Vietzke, photographic artist

As a participant in many of Lisa and Tom Cuchara's workshops and field trips I have found them to be consummate professionals, dedicated teachers and exceptional photographers. Frequent presenters at NECCC conferences, Lisa and Tom have a strong following of devoted photographers. Their easy style has inspired me to have more faith in myself as a photographer and to have more enjoyment from my photographic endeavors.
~Antoinette Gombeda, APSA, HonNEC, President New England Camera Club Council

"We have learned so much by attending Tom and Lisa's classes and workshops. Their small groups allow for individualized attention which helps you to understand the concepts of photography and post processing techniques"
~Barbara Sepples, retired educator, John T. Sepples, retired insurance executive

Lisa and Tom Cuchara are each accomplished photographers, lecturers, and workshop instructors in a variety of photographic styles and genres. They use a wide range of in-camera techniques to capture the image they see, and are masters at selecting and using the necessary post-processing tools to bring their images to life. Their passion for photography is obvious in their lectures and their enthusiasm is catching. They understand the necessity of a properly captured image in low light, and pass that experience on to workshop participants. Tom and Lisa have presented at numerous regional photography conferences, and have been regular participants in the New England Camera Club Council’s Annual Photography Conference over the last ten years; lecturing on a variety of topics and conducting numerous workshops on post-processing tools and techniques. I’m looking forward to learning more about their techniques in capturing the essence of rusty and dusty subjects in this new book.
~Dennis Goulet, Chairman of the Board, New England Camera Club Council (NECCC), Past -President of NECCC (2015), Prior Conference Chair, NECCC Annual Photography Conference (2013 and 2014)

Tom and Lisa and their amazing frogs have been a featured attraction many times at my annual macro photo conference.  I have always been impressed by their extreme concern for the welfare of the frogs, and always making sure the frogs were never stressed during their photo sessions.
~Mike Moats - Pro Macro Photographer

Lisa the Frog Whisperer and her husband Tom, have given us a gift of knowledge and laughter in this treasure of a book. Well known for the incredible images of their pet frogs, Tom and Lisa share their passion, techniques and insight, so you too can create images that make your heart sing.  Prepare to smile or even laugh as you flip through the pages of this marvelous educational and fun book.
~John Barclay -  Professional Photographer, Lecturer and Workshop Leader.

Tom and Lisa are consummate professionals, and this book is an outstanding example of their skill, creativity, imagination, and even their sense of humor. Each image contained in these pages is a work of art executed with complete attention to detail.  In addition to appreciating the beautiful photography, the reader will also gain a greater understanding how to light and compose macro subjects with detailed descriptions of the various setups. The text is as engaging as the photographs, with fascinating stories behind each picture.  Frogs are remarkable creatures, and no one gives us such a stunning and intimate glimpse into their world as does Tom and Lisa.
~Jim Zuckerman, professional photographer

Amphibians around the world are threatened with extinction, with perhaps a third of all species now lost. This book celebrates the beauty and wonder of these charming amphibians, and perhaps will stoke the fire of incentive to do all we can to save the frogs, toads, and treefrogs for future generations. ~
Joe McDonald, Professional Wildlife Photographer, author of The World's Big Cats

I first saw one of Lisa’s incredible frog images while judging a competition a few years ago. Since then I’ve seen many of Tom and Lisa’s outstanding images and I’ve heard them speak about their techniques for photographing these astounding creatures. Tom and Lisa are outstanding technicians, teachers and photographers. If you are interested in getting the best photographs of some of the world’s smallest creatures, this is the book for you.
~Ella Putney Carlson, M.Photog., M.Artist,Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, Internationally Award Winning Photographer, Amherst Media Author

Lisa and Tom Cuchara are a unique couple that enjoy there passion for photography by living it. Both love to share their knowledge and help with detail as much as possible.But most of all I love their FROGS and the workshop they put out. I so enjoy that Lisa will not stress out her Babies and put them back to relax when necessary. I wish them lots of success. 
~Carlotta Grenier  Photographer of Horses, Landscapes, Fashion and Birds 

Lisa and Tom’s skill as photographers is only surpassed by their love of their subject.  These amazing images are the result of extensive knowledge, patience and creativity. Frogscapes is exceptionally entertaining and inspiring.
~Gail Hansche Godin (award-winning nature photographer)

The word "frog" makes me think of Lisa and Tom ever since my unique opportunity to meet and photograph their frog family.  A variety of subjects, affection for the amphibians and post-processing techniques were all part of the workshop.  Props were extremely creative, funny and colorful, making it really easy to create memorable images that will bring a smile to any viewer's face.  Lots of individual attention was received both by the frogs and the very limited number of participants per workshop.  An ideal situation for everyone involved!
~Jennifer Dooley, Workshop Participant, Avid Photographer for 20 years

Lisa and Tom have a true love for photographing frogs in a fun and artful way. I find their photography to be both unique and inspiring. They also have a passion for instructing and assisting photographers to obtain outstanding photographic results.
~Jeff Bernas, Award winning wildlife and macro photographer

If anyone should write a book about photographing small frogs, it’s Lisa & Tom Cuchara. I had a private session with the couple in their home, and marveled to see what must have been a hundreds of frogs, their cages lining the walls of that day’s photography studio. Tom played with my camera to make sure the settings were right, and Lisa set up the frogs in various environments. I immediately became engrossed, clicking off frame after frame of the little croakers. The two hours flew by, and I left, feeling exhilarated. That was a good day!
~Scarlet Riley, amateur photographer