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  • Infrared camera converted by LifePixel
    • My Olympus camera was converted by LifePixel I did a full spectrum conversion so that I can put a visible filter back on if I wanted to bring the IR as a backup camera. I then use one of these two filters, either of which I can also convert to IR BW:
      • Filter Band:Hyper Color Infrared (470nm) 
      • Filter Band:Super Color Infrared (590nm)
    • Want more info? go to and "start here"
  • We love Nik and Dxo PURERAW (DxO is the BEST noise reduction software and it works on a RAW file and provides a DNG RAW file as the outcome)
  • BORROW LENSES We have had good experiences renting equipment from them

  • Photomatix
    • Enter code BREAphotos (not case-sensitive) to get a 15% discount
    • 15% off Photomatix software and plugins Go to their website at HDRSoft
  • Bellevue-Avenue -- Awesome overlays and textures and useful Photoshop actions for all levels of photographers, novice or experienced 
    • Photoshop actions are recorded processes that enable you to "play" back those steps faster than you could carry them out manually. They are specifically designed to speed up your workflow and decrease the amount of time you spend carrying out redundant tasks.
  • French Kiss Textures -- Amazing Textures