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Infrared camera converted by LifePixel
My Olympus camera was converted by LifePixel
I did a full spectrum conversion so that I can put a visible filter back on if I wanted to bring the IR as a backup camera. I then use one of these two filters, either of which I cvan also convert to BW.
Filter Band:Hyper Color Infrared (470nm) and Filter Band:Super Color Infrared (590nm)
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Backup your computer files using Backblaze 

Purchase business cards, posters, postcards, etc. from Vistaprint

We purchase our photography gear from Hunts Photo. A pdf containing links to the gear that we use, as well as discounts, can be downloaded here

We purchase our photo gear from Hunts Photos – they are big enough to have what you need but family owned and small enough to help you and answer your questions (and they stand by their products). Contact Alan Samiljan ( or 781-462-2383) and let him know that you attended a class or a program or workshop with us (or read our blog) and he will give you discounts on the gear that we use.  Hunts Photo 100 Main St. Melrose, MA 02176 (781-662-8822). Hunts will work with you for your photographic needs. If any code does not work then please call Alan and he will help you place your order over the phone. Hunts is always willing to work with you for your photographic needs!! FYI, we only list items that we personally use and we do not receive a commission on items ordered thru Hunts. 

Wacom. Per Gary Farber of Hunts we can offer your students a special price along with free Shipping on the Wacom tablets. Please contact George Trickel 781-462-2340. Wacom PTH 451 $239.99. Wacom PTH 651 $329.99

Topaz Plugins 15% off
  • We just love, love, love their products. We use Clarity or Adjust on the majority of our images.
  • Enter the discount use code breaphotos for 15% off Topaz products

  • Bellevue-Avenue -- Awesome overlays and textures and useful Photoshop actions for all levels of photographers, novice or experienced 
    • Photoshop actions are recorded processes that enable you to "play" back those steps faster than you could carry them out manually. They are specifically designed to speed up your workflow and decrease the amount of time you spend carrying out redundant tasks.
    • Sky and Cloud Overlays
    • Bellevue-Avenue

  • 2 Lil Owls -- Textures, Templates, Brushes -- Click here to visit 2 Lil Owls Studio
    • ***Buy 2 items and take 20% off your purchase – Discount code: take20 or Buy 3 or more items and take 30% off your entire purchase!!  Discount code:  take30  -- Enter this code when you check out. 

2 Lil Owls

  • Topaz
    • We just love, love, love their products. Use Clarity or Adjust on the majority of my images.
    • Enter the discount use code breaphotos for 15% off Topaz products
    • Topaz has provided door prizes for some of our workshops.
    • I love all of their products, but I use Adjust and/or Clarity on the Majority of my photographs.


Great website company
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Borrow Lenses
We have had good experiences renting equipment from them

AnimotoVideos created with Animoto

Bellvue Avenue
Photoshop Actions, Overlays, Skies, etc.
Lots of Pop and Whimsy!