One-on-one Mentoring

One-on-One (Individual) Mentoring and Workshops

Tom and I do offer one-on-one instruction (here in our Hamden, CT studio, or on location). The focus of your private lesson is to quickly advance your in-camera or post-processing skills. Email us to set up a private workshop:

Your Session could be centered around Field Techniques, Digital Workflow, Capture (how to use your camera), Composition, Post-processing (Photoshop or Lightroom, Plugins, HDR), Digital Competition, Fine Art Printing, Portfolio Review/Image Critique, Studio Lighting, Working with Models, etc. These sessions are customized according to your needs. When you choose an individual workshop we will ask you to send us a portfolio of images (so that we can preview your strong and weak points) along with an emailed explanation of both the vision behind those images and a description of your photographic goals and what you want to improve upon. This pre-workshop fodder allows us to best serve your needs.

We offer half day and full day sessions with a one-hour break for lunch. The cost of a half-day session is $450 (~4 hours), a full day (~8 hours) private session is $700. You can add a second person, preferably at a similar level to you in order to maximize the benefit, for $250. Contact us via email or via phone 203-288-8151.

Portfolio reviews and Image Critiques allow us to assess your work and make suggestions for improvement in a nice but constructive manner. We provide positive feedback so that you may work on improving your photographs. A portfolio review is $200 or upgrade ($400) and combine it with individualized post-processing suggestions (you bring 5-20 RAW digital files and we demonstrate live how we would tweak them through post-processing). This service can also be provided for electronically. You provide 10 RAW files and we will critique them and send you back a customized video to watch. Contact us via email or via phone 203-288-8151.

We also offer individual workshops on location. You must provide our instructional fee plus travel expenses. We will help you get the images that you desire. Contact us via email or via phone 203-288-8151.

We accept payment via Paypal, secure credit card via PayPal (no Paypal account needed), credit card, or cash. A 50% deposit must be received in order to hold your date. We will apply your deposit to a future session for a documented (death certificate, doctors note) emergency or extreme weather conditions.

Possible topics, anything from From Capture to Workflow to Output is possible for a private workshop.
  • Basic Field Technique
  • Camera settings
  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Capturing sharp with good camera technique
  • Macro (extension tubes, etc.)
  • Long Exposures (settings, ND filters, etc.)
  • HDR (high dynamic range)
  • Digital Darkroom
  • Importing to your computer (Lightroom or BreezeBrowser)
  • Metadata – applying copyright, watermark, caption and keywords
  • Selecting, Culling and Ranking images
  • ACR (Adobe Camera RAW)
  • Post Processing with Photoshop
  • Analyzing the image for what to enhance, correct, etc.
  • Working with adjustment layers
  • Layers and Masks
  • Finalizing (Sharpening/Sizing) for output
  • Post Processing with Plugins (Nik, Topaz, Fractalius, OnOne, SnapArt
  • Textures
  • From Input to Output
  • Color Management
  • Printer profiles
  • Paper surface options
  • Evaluating image quality
  • Making adjustments for print
  • Archival methods for maximizing print life
  • Portfolio Review/Image Critique
  • Critique of your current portfolio
  • Exploring and Identifying themes
  • Critique of individual images
  • Identifying what works, what does not work and why
  • Presentation options
  • Web galleries
  • Slideshows
Contact us via email or via phone 203-288-8151.